Shurbaji appoints opponent as executive assistant

A new Student Government Association president and vice president were sworn into office Feb. 2 at the University of Oklahoma. The new president has appointed his cabinet and named his former opponent as executive assistant. Yaseen Shurbaji and Hannah Hardin are now the head of the University of Oklahoma’s executive branch. They won nearly 70… Continue reading Shurbaji appoints opponent as executive assistant

“Cat Person”

Happy Monday/finals week, everyone! I have some good content for you today. The New Yorker published the cringiest, most compelling short story in recent history: “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian. The fictional story is part of the magazine’s Dec. 11, 2017 issue. It follows Margot, a college sophomore, and Robert, her 34-year-old “love” interest. “Cat Person” gives EXCRUCIATING detail… Continue reading “Cat Person”